This is a message to all who read this blog.  We often get emails asking where we stand.  American Indian Tea Party Nation is a intertribal group dedicated to speaking the truth.  We deal will issues concerning native americans and all americans.  It is our goal to expose corruption in both parties, including democrats and republicans.  We also deal with poverty, health care,  veterans, women’s and native american rights.  This also includes, racism and consitutional violations of all americans no matter their race or sex.

This blog is not a new group as many may think, by reading this blog.  We began as Native Americans Against Obama, and now it is time for a change.  Thus, a new name, but out core values have not changed.  It is no secret, we have been members of the tea party since its beginning.  We also are members of PUMA, and support the very same issues, of smaller government, less taxes. 

We are a non partisan group, so for all the members out there be assured that nothing is changing except the name and the logo.  This was done to reflect the new enviroment, and to better explain who we are and where we stand.  That being said, we have been here for over 2 years now, so all info from the native americans against Obama is being transferred to this new blog.